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  Referral & Residual Fee Program

20% Referral Fee

First Closed Transaction

10% Referral Fee

Second Closed Transaction

5% Residual Fee

Subsequent Closed Transactions (Residual)


Referral and Residual Fee percentage schedule is as follows:

 ·        20% referral percentage of the “Net” compensation on the first completed/closed real estate transaction.

 ·        10% referral percentage of the “Net” compensation on the second completed/closed real estate transaction.

 ·        5% referral percentage of the “Net” compensation on any subsequent completed/closed real estate transaction as a residual.

The Referral and/or Residual Fee compensation is based on "NET" compensation actually received by Hierarch Real Estate & Investments, Inc. and is contingent upon the Company’s ability to retain the referral client for subsequent Real Estate transactions conducted after the completion and close of the first/initial transaction.

 “Net” compensation is calculated as the amount equal to the difference of the gross compensation minus any internal company operational, administrative, marketing, transaction and/or processing expense accrued up to the close of the transaction.

Agents and/or Brokers must agree to the "Terms and Conditions" of Hierarch Real Estate & Investments, Inc.'s "Referral & Residual Fee Contract Agreement" prior to presenting any potential referral client to the company and/or its representatives.  All potential participant members are subject to review and approval by company management prior to acceptance into the program. 

Unless otherwise agreed upon, participating Agents and Brokers can withdraw from the Referral/Residual program at anytime without any further obligation.

This program is not intended to solicit any other company's active Agents/Brokers to participate as it may create a possible conflict of interest and/or a potential violation regarding the NAR Business Code of Ethics.

Hierarch Real Estate Investments, Inc. reserves the right to modify and/or cancel this program at anytime without any prior notice. 

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