Hierarch Real Estate & Investments, Inc. will always strive towards becoming a positive influence in its contributions to both its industry as well as the communities it serves.  It is to that end that the company has created an in-house "Internship Program" that caters to individuals that have an interest in the Real Estate Industry.  Through this program, Interns will gain valuable insight and industry specific knowledge that will give them a better understanding of what it takes to become a Real Estate Agent or Broker.  There are three areas of proficiency that the Intern Program covers:

Personal Productivity & Development:

  • Productivity, Image & Conduct (Time Management, Professionalism & Ethics)
  • Self Development (Continuing Education, Books, Seminars, etc...)

Sales Training:

  • Six Step Sales Process ( Lead Generation, Engage and Pre-Qualifying, Needs Analysis, Presenting Services, Converting Lead to Client, Service Fulfillment)
  • Marketing (Lead Generation, Farming, AOR, Sphere of Influence, Front & Back Door Methods)
  • Representing the Seller (Listings)
  • Representing the Buyer

Industry Specific Knowledge:

  • Contracts, Disclosures & The Law
  • Real Estate Practice & Operations (Commercial, Residential, Business Opportunity, etc...)

If you are interested in enrolling for the "Internship Program" click on the "Contact Us" tab above and we'll be happy to schedule an interview for possible enrollment.  SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY.